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Anything goes:


The first body- and massage oil made for intimate use.

NEW: SOS Intimate Care

(Intimate-)Oil & Peeling

Irritated, itchy, or dry skin in the intimate area, on the bottom or back? Ingrown hairs and pimples?

Our motto: Bye Stress, Hello Bliss!


For everyone who loves to make love

In recent years, sex toys have been successfully de-tabooed and the platforms on which they can be bought have been redesigned. But sex doesn't stop in the bedroom, it accompanies us in everyday life. We integrate Intimate Health into your well-being routine: yoga, meditation, me-time, masturbation and sex - for a better well-being.

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nevernot Tampon

the game-changer

Since the nevernot launch in 2020, our nevernot Tampon has convinced thousands of people, because it is the all-rounder for sex, sports, spa & chill.

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