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ProctyClean® Popolino

Cleansing Foam for the bum

€12,90 Unit price €25,80 per  100 ml

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Only the best for your 🍑! 

🧻 Apply 1 pump puff to the toilet paper.
🧼 Gently and effectively removes germs and bacteria
🚽 Can be used after every toilet use
🌿 Active ingredients perfectly tailored to the bottom
✨ For long-lasting well-being and an all-round feeling of cleanliness
🇩🇪 100% made in Germany

Shake before use. Apply a pump of ProctyClean® Popolino to dry toilet paper. Now you can use it just like a wet wipe.

For external use only.

Vitamin E:
Helps the skin strengthen its natural protective barrier and promotes wound healing.

Aloe Vera:
Has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and moisturises at the same time.